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Đánh giá

Size:DN 100~DN 2000

Pressure:PN10/PN16/150 psi/200 psi


Face to face: EN558-1 Series 20

Flange connection: EN1092 PN6/10/16,ANSI B16.1,JIS 10K

Top flange: ISO 5211



UD Series soft sleeve seated butterfly valve is Wafer pattern with flanges ,the face to face is EN558-1 20 series as wafer type.


1.Correcting holes are made on flange according to standard, easy correcting during the installation.

2.Through-out bolt or one-side bolt used. Easy replacing and maintenance.

3.The soft sleeve seat can isolate the body from media. 

Product operation instruction

1. Pipe flange standards should conform to butterfly valve standards; suggest using welding neck flange, specialized flange for butterfly valves or integral pipe flange; do not use slip-on welding flange, supplier must agreed before user can uses slip-on welding flange.

2. The use of pre-installation conditions should be checked whether the use of butterfly valves with the same performance.

3. Before the installation user should clean the sealing surface of valve cavity, make sure no dirt attached; simultaneously clean the pipe for welding slag and other debris.

4.When installing, the disc must be in closed position to ensure that the disc do not collide with the pipe flange.

5. Both valve seat ends act as flange seal, extra seal is not needed when installing the butterfly valve.

6. The butterfly valve can be installed at any position (vertical, horizontal or tilt). Butterfly valve with big size operator may need bracket.

7. Collide when transporting or storing the butterfly valve may cause butterfly valve reduce its sealing ability. Avoid butterfly valve disc from bumping to hard objects and it should be open at 4 ° to 5 ° angle position in order to maintain sealing surface from damaging during this period.

8. Confirm correctness of flange welding before installation, welding after installation of the butterfly valve may cause damage to the rubber and preservation coating.

9. When using butterfly valve operated by pneumatic, the air source should maintain dry and clean to avoid foreign bodies from entering pneumatic operator and affect working performance.

10. Without special requirements noted in purchasing order of the butterfly valve can only be mounted vertically and for interior use only.

11. Case of disorder, reasons should be identified, troubleshooted, should not knock, hit, prize or lengthen the lever operator by arm of force to forcibly open or close the butterfly valve.

12. During the storage and unused period, the butterfly valves should kept dry, sheltered in shade and avoid harmful substances surrounding from erosion.

Products Parameters

DNABHD0CDK d N-do 4-M bD1D2N-d1FΦ2WJH1H2
40040032551390102580515525460 12-2812-314-M244-M2724.51751404-182233.151036.15337600
45042234551441114640565585496 16-2816-314-M244-M2725.51751404-182237.951040.95370660
50048037857492127715620650560 16-2816-344-M244-M3026.51751404-182241.121044.12412735
60056247570593154840725770658 16-3116-374-M274-M33302101654-222250.631654.65483860
70062454366695165910840840773 20-3120-374-M274-M3332.53002548-183063.351871.4520926
800672606667951901025950950872 20-3420-414-M304-M36353002548-183063.351871.45861045
900720670110865200112510501050987 24-3424-414-M304-M3637.53002548-18347520846481155
10008007351359652161255116011701073 24-3724-444-M334-M39403002548-18348522957171285
110087080615010652511355127012701203 28-3728-444-M334-M3942.53502988-223495##1057781385
120094087815011602541485138013901302 28-4128-504-M364-M45453502988-2234105281178491515
1400101799315013592791685159015901495 28-4428-508-M398-M45464153568-3340120321349631715
15001080104018014573181280170017101638 28-4428-578-M398-M5247.54153568-33401403615610391850
16001150113218015563181930182018201696 32-5032-578-M458-M52494153568-33501403615611011960
18001280127023017753562130202020201893 36-5036-578-M458-M52524754068-40551604017812132160
20001390135028019554062345223022302105 40-5040-628-M458-M56554754068-40551604017813342375


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