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Product Description

Clamped non-retention Ball Valve

Van bi inox vi sinh nối nhanh clamp



Clamped non-retention Ball Valve Manufacturer


 + Standard: SMS, DIN, 3A, IDF, ISO, RJT
 + Material Quality: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L
 + Connection Ends: Clamp End, Weld End, Thread, Flange
 + Port Size: 1/2″-4″, DN10~DN100
 + Gasket: EPDM, Silicon, Viton etc.
 + Ball Seat: PTFE
 + Manual drive: Sensor, Multi-positon handle level, Pull handle level
 + Pneumatic drive: Aluminum electric/Pneumatic actuator, Stainless steel electric/Pneumatic actuator
 + Intelligent C top controls: AS-I connection, Electric connection
 + Continuous working temperature: Max150degree
 + ressure: 0~10bar
 + Machine processing: The most advanced CNC machine from Japan for processing.
 + Special Design: we can produce according to your drawings
 + Surface treatment: inside: Ra» 0.4-0.8µm surface: Ra» 0.4-1.6µm

Product’s information
Clamped non-retention ball valve                                                   SMS 3A ISO
 Dimension (mm) 
1 1/4″32120.050.580.0130.0
1 1/2″38140.050.580.0150.0
2 1/4″57170.077.5110.0180.0
2 1/2″63180.077.5110.0180.0
Product quality assurance


The series of this valve is a kind of automatically or manually manipulation of  butterfly type ball valve, because of its can be very good deal with viscous or medium with particulate, which is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industrial piping system, to regulate and control the medium flow in the system.

Word Principle

This kind of valve can be handled both by electric or a pneumatic actuator also can operated by handled.

Electric actuator or pneumatic actuator is to revolve the axial movement of piston to be 90° rotation of valve shaft. So that the valve can be open or close.

In that case, the close can be control and achieve the task of switch. They have three type of actuator : normally open (NO) , normally closed (NC), air/ air (A/A).

Muti – position handle can used to 15° adjustment of valve 12 seat to clock open or close. In that way, the valve can control the flow.

Pulling handle can use to the 4 multi-function to lock open or close, In that way, the valve can control the flow.

Standard Design

Various satndards of valves can be provided to clinets: DIN,3A,SMS,IOS/IDF,BS/RJT,ASME/BPF etc.

The parts of valve usually include: valve body divided into two parts, transfixion cavity sphere, stem and control sets (handle/actuator)etc. Have the series as follows: weld,clamp,weld/clamp etc.


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