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Product Description

Factory Supply Drinking Water Precision Entry Bag Filter

Thiết bị lọc túi inox vi sinh lọc tinh nước uống cấp nhà máy


Name:Factory supply drinking water precision entry bag filter
Manufacturing process:Stainless Steel Materials
Scope of application:Wine, Mineral water, Drinking water
Surface treatment:Electrical polish, Mirror polish, Sand polish , Acid washing,2B
Nominal pressure:ATM~1.0MPa


Multi bags filter, for some coarse filtration and pre-filtration processStandard No. 01 bag or 02 bag, the standard model for 2 ~ 12 bags, and the maximum production customized to 24 bags can basically meet the requirements of various types of flow


  • Large flow, Long service life.
  • The unique three-point clamp device ensures good sealing and avoid liquid side leakage.
  • The filter housing can add swing arm and the eyebolt or quick-open design, operating conveniently and economically.
  • Food and beverage; bio engineering and pharmaceutical; petrochemical and chemical; automobile manufacturing; petroleum and natural gas; electronic and natural gas; coating, paint, printing ink; nuclear power and thermal power and waste water filtration; liquid and gas purification of liquid and gas.


  • Compact design can reduce occupied space and the loss of liquid.
  • Side entry and bottom out ensure that liquid medium can be completely discharged, the tangential position outlet, discharging pollution thoroughly, is convenient to be operating.


Above plate side-in and side-out multi bags filerSide-in and bottom-out multi bags filterAbove plate side-in and side-out multi bags filter
Max operating pressure1.0Mpa Finish typeMechanical/ Electrolytical polishing Sand blasting
Polishing precision

0.6 μ m Inner Surface Ra≤0.6 μ m0.8 μ m Outside Surface Ra≤0.8 μ m

0.6 μ m Basket 0.6 μ m

Max operating temperature150°C 
Material Connection
Shell304, 316L Connection of shellFlange
Eyebolt304 N1, N2 in-outletFlange, Tri-clamp, Thread
Stabilizer blade304 N3 Pressure gauge (option)1/2″ Female thread
O-RingEPDM, PTFE, Viton, Silicone N4 Vent valve (option)1/2″ Male thread
N5 Drain valve (option)1/2″ Male thread
Dimension Parameters
A: Total height188015302030160021301700
B: The distance from inlet to center300360400440450
C: Shell diameterΦ400Φ500Φ550Φ650
D1: N1 The height from inlet to ground1330950142597514801000
D2: N2 The height from outlet to ground300400350400
N1, N2: In-Outlet N1, N2 Size4″4″5″
The above–mentioned data is the standard, it can customize according to customer’s requirements.
Selection Table
Qty. of Bag FilterModel of Bag FilterShell MaterialIn-outlet connectionO-ring
2P=2Pc7P=7Pc1S=1 #Bang: Φ180 x 4304=304F=FlangeE=EPDM
3P=3Pc9P=9Pc2S=2 #Bang: Φ180 x 8106=316LK=Tri-clampF=PTFE
4P=4Pc12P=12Pc  L=ThreadV=Viton
6P=6Pc    S=Silicone


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