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Product Description

Disc-type Diatomite Filter

Thiết bị lọc ly tâm dạng đĩa


Name:Disc-type Diatomite Filter


Disc-type Diatomite Filter for all kinds of tiny impurity in liquid filtration, clarification, purification process of the filter element is a special structure, interval stable metal mesh, when the liquid which need to be filtered pass by precoating diatomite filter layer, detention the unnecessary solid things in the liquid which need to be filtered, the pure liquid flow by the disc of the gap between mesh together from the hollow center pipe, achieve liquid filtration.The overall structure is designed and manufactured according to the sanitary standard, adopting automatic control system with high quality of water filtration, high filtration precision, reliable performance and easy maintenance.


  • High precision filtering, according to the technological requirements can be achieved20µm
  • Well-made filtering disk processing, special and high precision welding, welding equipment filter is firm, smooth, high pressure resistance
  • Transmission is simple and reliable。

①    Using the motor—— hydraulic coupling the reducer-coupling, motor frequency conversion control

  • Mix adding system adopts hydraulic diaphragm pump, wide applicable materials, reliable operation
  • Inside the equipment is equipped with automatic cleaning function, can achieve thoroughly clean without disassembly , high degree of automation
  • Equipped with residual liquid filtration unit, lose less filtrate
  • Compact structure, less land occupation, large production capacity
  • According to user requirements, beer, syrup and other automatic filtering can be realized
  • According to requirement, the diatomite can replace to PVPP, PVPP filtering can be realized


  • Alcohol, syrup, beer, and solid filtration of microorganisms
  • End filtration of fruit juice and juice concentrate
  • Pre filtering of juice membrane filtration
  • Clarification of alcohol, enzyme dissolution, liquid gum, olive oil
  • Pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic filtration
StructureOperating Conditions
Max operating pressure0.6Mpa
Max operating temperature85°C
Shell304, 316L
Filter disc etc304, 316L
Filtrate tube and plate etc304
O-RingEPDM, PTFE, Viton, Silicone
Connection of shellFlange
InputFlange , Tri-Clamp, Thread
Surface Finish
Finish typeMechanical/ Electrolytical polishing
Polishing precision0.4 μ m Inner Surface Ra≤0.6 μ m0.6 μ m Outside Surface Ra≤0.8 μ m
Dimension Parameters
Model12=12″ Filter stacks16=16″ Filter stacks
Filter area (m2)1224
Filter plate diameter (mm)700900
Max handle (m3)612
In-outlet dimension (Inch)1.5″/2″/2.5″2″/2.5″/3″
Filter motor (kw)34
Mixing motor (kw)0.550.55
Shell dimension (mm)2300 x 1200 x 25002500 x 1400 x 2800
The above–mentioned data is the standard, it can customize according to customer’s requirements.
Selection Table
Diatomite filtration Filter areaFilter plate diameterShell MaterialIn-outlet connectionO-ring
12G=12 m2700=(Diameter)Φ7004=304F=FlangeE=EPDM
24G=24 m2900=(Diameter)Φ9006=316LK=Tri-clampF=PTFE
   L=Screw threadV=Viton


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