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Tank Bottom High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier

Máy tạo nhũ tương tốc độ cao đáy bồn tank inox vi sinh

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Tank Bottom High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier

Mixer Type:Homogenizer
Product Type:liquid, liquid and powder
Additional Capabilities:Milling
Material:SS304 and SS316
Usage:Food ,chemical , pharmaceutical
Functions:Dispersing, mixing, shearing, homogenizing



Tank bottom high shear emulsifier is efficient, rapid and uniform a phase or more of the phase distribution to another continuous phase, and in the usual case each phases are mutually insoluble. Due to the rotor is generated by high speed rotation high tangent speed and high frequency mechanical effect bring strong kinetic energy, so that immiscibility of solid phase, liquid phase and gas phase in the corresponding mature technology and right amount under the common function of additives, the instant uniform fine disperse emulsion, after high frequency move in circles, ultimately get the steady and high quality products.

Intermittent type high shear work process: In the high speed rotating rotor produced under the function of centrifugal force, and the material from the work of the head and the up and down feeding area at the same time from axial suction work cavity strong centrifugal force will material from the radial swing rotor and stator narrow gap between the precision. At the same time by centrifugal extrusion, impact and so forth function force, make a preliminary material dispersed emulsion. After adjustment rotating rotor outer end produce at least 15m/s more line speed, the highest can to 40m/s, and the formation of strong machine and hydraulic force shear, liquid layer friction, impact tear, make the material full dispersing, emulsifying, uniform, crushing, at the same time through stator slot injection. Material constant high speed from radial injection, in the material itself and the walls of the container under the resistance change flow direction, at the same time in rotor region of the upper and lower under the action of axial force, again form the upper and lower two strong flipping out of flow. Material after several circulation, finally complete dispersing, emulsion, homogeneous process.


Mix: syrup, shampoo, clean solution, juice concentrate, yogurt, desserts, mix milk products, printing ink.

Emulsion: medicine lotion, ointment, face mask, emulsion flavor, oil-water emulsion, emulsion asphalt, resin emulsion, wax emulsion and pesticide.

Homogeneous: medicine lotion, ointment, face mask, tissue homogenate, dairy products homogeneous, fruit juice, printing ink and jam.

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